Founder, Erin McEvoy DiMella

Erin launched WAYMARK Community + Sport LLC and feels lucky to merge her passion for sports and partnerships to achieve the goals of WAYMARK’s clients while assisting those in the community and launching her own company. Erin has a background in event planning and fundraising for prestigious non-profits, professional sports teams, athletes and celebrities. With her experience as a fundraiser for a non-profit and a charitable process analyzer and donor, she has worked on both sides of the philanthropic community. These experiences have allowed her to create and strengthen partnerships between the two realms for mutually beneficial visibility and success.

In her time working for the Boston Bruins Foundation, Erin saw a need to assist professional athletes and teams align themselves with charities of interest to fulfill a personal desire of the athlete, while also financially or visibly assisting a charity. She began managing events for athletes from golf tournaments, casino nights, benefit concerts to bowling events and more. Her passion and client list grew until she was able to launch her company, WAYMARK Community + Sport LLC in December of 2016.

As a company, we pride ourselves on our passion for sports as well as our successful history connecting athletes, businesses and charities to one another to creating beneficial partnerships. We know firsthand the ability sports have to connect with many people while crossing age, gender, race and many other boundaries. From working with MLB, an NHL team on full-team events to being requested by individual players to create successful fundraisers that have a personal meaning to them, we have a wide range of experience. We strive to create events, programs and engagement opportunities that are seamless and unique to each client. We consistently work outside the box to help our clients and beneficiaries stand out in a sometimes saturated charitable environment where donors and participants are eager to support our causes and athletes.

Our eagerness, dedication, compassion, skill set and motivation make us the ideal hire. Each client and each year is a new, re-engaged partnership and we pride ourselves on understanding our clients goals from the inside out in order to not only fulfill a need but build a stronger network to benefit the work our client strives to achieve in the community.

Our deep connections, relationships in the sports community and history working side-by-side with clients allows us the opportunity to reach new heights of success in terms of fundraising, visibility and pride for each and every client.

Erin also volunteers her time with local organizations and has served on the Leadership Committee of the Friends Council for the Boys and Girls Club for the past 7 years.

Erin was nominated and won the title of “2011 Readers’ Choice BizBash Association/Nonprofit Planner of the Year.” She lives in Boston’s South End with her husband, Mike, and dog, Harry.

Managing Partner, Bill Wilk

Bill began the start of his career running baseball camps for former National League MVP and Cincinnati Red/NY Mets outfielder, George Foster.  Besides the camps, Bill also managed George’s travel schedule and appearances. From there he has worked with many people including MLB players Joe Nathan, Rich Rodriguez, Jerry Royster, Hall of Fame players such as Gary Carter, Roberto Alomar and Nancy Lieberman and actors Malik Yoba, Yancey Arias and Edward James Olmos.  He also has close relationships within professional organizations such as the NFL, MLB, NHL, MLBPAA, and NBA Alumni.

In 2005, after 11 years as an Assistant Vice President at JPMorganChase, Wilk was named the Executive Director of the 304 acre Roberto Clemente Sports City in Carolina, Puerto Rico.  As Executive Director, Bill oversaw and managed the day to day operations of the facility.

To financially keep the facility running, Bill used his expertise to bring in sponsorships, grants, and donations with companies, foundations, and organizations from Chrysler and FedEx, to Terminix, USTA, Walmart and Best Buy.

His biggest achievement was securing a donation of over 30,000 pairs of baseball and football cleats from New Balance that were distributed to all the children participating in baseball and pee-wee football leagues around Puerto Rico.

Because of Roberto Clemente’s status not just as a Hall of Fame Major League baseball player but as a humanitarian, Bill was instrumental in creating and maintaining relationships within Puerto Rico and places such as Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Panama, Germany, Italy, Japan, and China to help the growth of Sports City.  Using his personal relationships he creates, Wilk brought in professional athletes and celebrities from all over, to play in charity golf fundraisers and conduct various clinics for the children of Puerto Rico who would normally not have gotten that kind of opportunity.

While in Puerto Rico, Bill was also the President of Marketing for the Puerto Rico National Baseball Team in which former MLB player and current ESPN host, Eduardo Perez, was the manager.   

Wilk Continues to team up with the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association and their Legends for Youth baseball clinics in each area that he has lived and worked.

Bill keeps a quote from the great Roberto Clemente close to him:  “We must all live together and work together no matter what race or nationality.  If you have an opportunity to accomplish something that will make things better for someone coming behind you, and you don’t do that, you are wasting your time on this earth.”

Jill Cole

Partner Engagement Specialist

Jill comes to us with a background in event coordination with both non-profit and for-profit organizations. She began her career playing a diverse arrangement of roles for the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury, Arizona Diamondbacks and Boston Red Sox; all resulting in the same outcome -- immense community outreach. From Boston, Jill moved to Charlotte to plan and execute a series of events directly tied to building the community relationship of the Carolina Panthers and the greater Carolina region. Jill was a critical member of the WAYMARK Community + Sport team for an event in 2018 to support the island of Puerto Rico after the devastating hurricane and storms battered the island. Her infectious smile, outgoing and professional demeanor and strong commitment and dedication to projects makes her an ideal fit for her role as ``Partner Engagement Specialist.`` She strives to create experiences which are not only memorable but impactful for all involved.

What we do

Below are highlights from some of our events, partners, and the community we work with over the past year. We are lucky to be in a position to bring such amazing people together to make an impact and touch lives in a positive light.